Buddhist Church of Sacramento Buddhist Church of Sacramento 
A Jodo Shinshu Temple


Welcome to the Buddhist Church of Sacramento.

The Buddhist Church of Sacramento Hongwanji Betsuin and its Sangha (congregation) extend a warm welcome to you to share with us the Dharma (teachings) as taught by Sakyamuni Buddha and expounded by Shinran Shonin.


We hope this website will provide a brief picture of the history and affliation of our temple, the religious, educational and social programs offered, and the affiliated and sponsored organizations associated with our Betsuin.  Please join us each Sunday at 9:30am.





Things to See and Things to Do:


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Looking for Sakura Gakuen (the Japanese Language School)?  Click HERE



bball16We are now taking registration for our

46th Annual Betsuin Basketball Tournament - March 4-5, 2017

NEW Tournament News!!

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02/05/17 - Scout Sunday Service 9:30a

                     "Ask Rev. Dennis" Session 10:30a

                     Shotsuki Memorial / Adult Dharma Service 11:30

02/11/17 - Jr. YBA Spaghetti Feed 6pm

02/12/17 - Nirvana Day Family Service 9:30a

                     Dharma School Open House

                     SBWA Women of Jodo Shinshu Memorial Service 1pm

02/16/17 - Morning OASAJI Service 7am

02/19/17 - Dharma School Family Service 9:30a

                    Dharma School Classes 10:15a

                    "Ask Rev. Dennis" Session 10:30a

                    Adult Dharma Service 11:30a

02/20/17 - Presidents Day - Betsuin CLOSED

02/26/17 - Dharma School Family Service 9:30a

                    Dharma School Classes 10:15a 

01/29/17 - Dharma School Service and Class 9:30a  



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The Dalai Lama speaks to the California Legislature - June 20, 2016

CLICK here to view



The Sacramento Buddhist Meditation Group interviews Rinban Bob to get his
insights on how Buddhism began in Sacramento and Buddhism in America
in 2013

CLICK HERE to watch interview (51 minutes)





Do you have a car you want to donate?

Vehicle Donation Program
State of California only

        Free pick up and DMV paperwork
Tax-deductible at the vehicle’s selling price
Supports the Sacramento Betsuin

To donate vehicles, go to this website:


And remember to indicate the donation is for

Sacramento Buddhist Church

Thank You!






Ongoing Programs:

Are you interested in playing the organ?
Can you already read music?

The Betsuin Legacy Endowment Fund is Proud to Sponsor:

One-on-One Organ Lessons
with an experienced organist

Do you want to hear more about this program?
Contact Rev. Patti:  revpattibetsuin@gmail.com

Please sign up in the office:  916.446.0121

Recent Events:


On July 12, 2012, The Land Park News ran a nice historical article about our temple.  CLICK here to read the story

Our very own Girl Scout Troop 569 turned 20 this year.
  See the highlight clip -
Go to video

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