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Our 70th Annual Cultural and Food Bazaar was held on August 13 and 14, 2016 and it was a huge success for our temple.

The words Thank You are not enough to express our gratitude for the support our community has given us this year and over the past 70 years!

Nevertheless, we do want to THANK our community for coming out this year in the slightly hot weather to spend time with us, renew friendships and make new ones!

Mark your calendars for August 12 & 13, 2017 for the 71st Annual Bazaar ! ! ! 



1947 marked the beginning of the Buddhist Church of Sacramento Bazaar as the Japanese rebuilt their community following their forced evacuation from the West Coast by Executive Order during World War II. The Bazaar was primarily a social festival where church members and the local Sacramento Japanese and Japanese-American community shared food, memories and friendships.

In later years the Bazaar was expanded to include Japanese exhibits and demonstrations such as flower arranging (Ikebana), classical dancing (Odori), tea ceremony, concerts, Taiko Drum Clubs and many other cultural activities which were shared with the entire Sacramento community. The Bazaar's popularity has resulted in it becoming a major annual Sacramento community event with thousands of people traveling from miles around to join in the festivities each year. Of course the public is always welcome to enjoy this annual festival.

The two-day event is supported by  volunteers from ages 7 through 90 contributing countless hours throughout the year to share the festival with the Sacramento community. Proceeds from the Japanese Food and Cultural Bazaar support the Buddhist Church of Sacramento and its affiliated organizations such as youth sports programs, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, youth groups, adult and senior groups, the Japanese language school and many other church activities within the community.

Facts and Figures:

Estimated attendance for the two-day event is 40,000
to 50,000 people.

One and a half tons of rice cleaned, cooked and
consumed in traditional Japanese cuisine.

10,000 + pounds of chicken seasoned and barbecued
for chicken teriyaki.

400 pounds of shrimp cleaned and cooked for tempura
and sushi delicacies.

1,500 pounds of beef prepared for teriyaki meat
sticks and sandwiches.
500 pounds of noodles prepared for hot and cold

2,000 pounds of charcoal used to cook teriyaki
chicken and teriyaki beef sticks.

150 gallons of soy sauce used to create authentic
marinades and other seasonings.

500 pounds of sugar and 100 pounds of salt used in
preparation of various  seasonings.

6 tons of ice used to cool drinks, keep fish sushi
fresh and make refreshing snow cones.


Sakura Minyo


Koyasan Taiko

Sacramento Taiko