Annual Events


Spring Food Festival

Can’t wait until summer for the annual Japanese Food and Cultural Bazaar? Not to worry, save the date for our Annual Spring Food Festival scheduled the second Sunday of March annually. Pre-order forms are available six weeks prior to the event.  Enjoy sushi, spam musubi, shioyaki chicken, udon, teriyaki beef sandwiches and sweet treats!  Proceeds benefit the Sacramento Buddhist Women’s Association, Adult Buddhist Association, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts.



The word ‘Matsuri’ or ‘Festival’ literally means worshipping gods or ancestral spirits. Festivals were usually annual events to bless the cultivation of rice and the health of the community. In order to enliven the celebrations, there were performances of traditional dances and musical instruments.


Annual Japanese Food & Cultural Bazaar
(Two-Day Festival)

Our Annual Japanese Food & Cultural Bazaar is always held on the 2nd FULL WEEKEND of August.  Each year, this event is a huge success and the funds raised go to support our temple activities all year long. The words “Thank You” are not enough to express our gratitude to the Greater Sacramento community for their patronage over the past 70 years. It is through the continued support of our families, friends and visitors, as well as hundreds of dedicated volunteers, that enable us to keep this longstanding tradition alive as a highlight of the summer!