Education Award Application
12th Grade Dharma School Students - Class of 2018


High school seniors, Class of 2018: — You are invited to apply for the Buddhist Church of Sacramento (BCS) Education Award.  This award is available to high school seniors who are children or other dependents of dues paying church members.  It recognizes long-term membership in the Dharma School and other BCS sponsored or affiliated organizations. 

The Education Award is based on a competitive process that includes an application, a personal statement, an essay, letter of recommendation and a formal interview.  This award is to help fund education or training after high school by recognizing students who can clearly express what they have gained in being a part of the Sacramento Betsuin and also share their understanding of Jodo Shinshu.  You must have participated in the BCS Dharma School program.

Key Dates:

  • April 30 Deadline for submitting application to the Betsuin office
  • May 12 Education Award Interviews
  • June 3 Award Presentation

Please download the cover letter and application form.